Invasive species control and native plant stewardship in Western Massachusetts.


Matt started Matthew Verson Vegetation Management (MVVM) in 2019 as the culmination of 20 years working in agriculture, horticulture, academia, and vegetation management. With several graduate degrees and certificates in Soils, Invasive Plant Control, Law, and Agroecology, Matt knows that most of New England has been impacted to some degree and requires management to bring out the highest potential for long term wildlife function. Creating and Implementing a Vegetation Management Plan is a critical first step. As a licensed and insured pesticide applicator with the highest regard for native plants, MVVM is equipped to apply “subtractive landscape editing” for towns, farms, land trusts, HOA’s, or private citizens seeking to steward their acreage. Matt loves to kayak, bike, fish, ski, hunt, and backpack around New England with his two children and wife. 

“Matt Verson is a consummate professional who takes his trade very seriously. The outcome of his work is proof of that.”

-Todd C. Bryant, B.S. M.S. Biology

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